Mission Statement

We hope that our publication will motivate readers to engage with media in a more in-depth, critical, and complex fashion, and act as a platform for the UCSC community to consider new and thoughtful perspectives on visual culture.

EyeCandy provides writers with an opportunity to synthesize interests in film and television studies. By empowering students to further express their passions in a hands-on and productive environment, they are encouraged to cultivate their own critical and professional voices outside of the classroom. The publication additionally provides an avenue that connects student discussion to the wider Santa Cruz community.

Letter From the Editor

Hi there, before you dive into this year’s journal why don’t you pause and take a breath with me for a minute. EyeCandy Film Journal is UC Santa Cruz’s one and only student run film and media criticism publication, and it has been amazing to serve as its Editor-in-Chief this year. So, if you wouldn’t mind indulging me, let’s reflect a bit.

To say it’s been an eventful year in EyeCandy’s history would be a serious understatement. I don’t know who is reading this or when, but just as a brief refresher let me run through a few of the challenges the EyeCandy staff has gone through to put out this journal for you all. We began the year at constant risk of wildfire and county-wide power outages. We quickly moved into navigating around an intense labor strike on campus that made us transform the way we function as undergraduates and educators. Then by the time we adjusted to that, we got hit with a worldwide pandemic.

Now, all that sounds pretty terrible. It is. I’m not going to try and diminish how difficult it is to change and adapt to continually worsening situations. I wanted to highlight the circumstances in which this journal was created because, despite everything I’ve mentioned, this team rallied and labored to make sure that the 2020 issue of EyeCandy got made; and not only got made but is a phenomenal piece of media criticism. The level of dedication, creativity, and flexibility this team has shown impresses me still.

As you read and enjoy this year’s issue, I hope that you consider the role of the media in your life, especially in trying times. Be critical of the media you love, as well as the media you hate. Think about all the media you have lost, found, and have yet to discover. We hope you take the analysis presented in this journal as a prompt to reconsider your own relationship to the films, TV, music and more you consume. Most of all we hope you enjoy every word, design, and image that our tenacious staff have put together.

con mucho orgullo,

Ben Ochoa

Editor in Chief 2019-2020