EyeCandy Film Journal is the only media journal on campus made by and for students. Founded in 1990, our organization prioritizes undergraduate voices by creating a platform for students to critically engage with and participate in media analysis. Student leaders teach the EyeCandy class Film 185X every winter where the journal is created from scratch by our layout and writing teams made up of ordinary students. The journal is officially published in the spring after making final touches and is completely free to read.

The Team

Ben Ochoa

Editor in Chief

Nightime coffee drinker (also daytime coffee drinker), Constantly concerned about the health of my hanging plant "Lewis," Too many unread books on my shelf, but still buying more

Sequoia Pinterits

Art Director

Went to Florida once and had a nice time, Has a soft spot for Classical KDFC 90.3, Enjoys a nice PB&J

Audrey Schmidt

Co-Managing Editor

Not too concerned about the health of my dying hanging plant, Puts hummus on everything, Only makes friends based on their Costco membership

Chuckie Eidelman

Co-Managing Editor

Once got Benihana with Barbara Boxer, Still blocked on instagram by Cole Sprouse, Just got bangs--do you like them?

Quinton Ligad

Financial Coordinator

Amateur cat photographer, Too emotionally involved with the Los Angeles Rams, Hesitant of the motives of wild animals

Yareni Segura

Blog Editor

Racoon enthusiast, 1% evil 99% hot gas, Film student that has only seen two films (Shrek and Twilight)

Laura Boutros

Asst. Art Director/ Web Mistress

Would risk rabies for a pet raccoon, Consented to have a Buddhist monk hit me with a cricket bat, Slut for kbbq

Benjamin Thompson


Enamored with craigslist's free section, A lightly experienced beekeeper, Banned from hometown's rants and raves Facebook group

Samantha Conde


Love Legend of Zelda games, Has a huge collection of stuffed animals that keeps growing to this day, Is secretly a grandma. I.e. loves tea, knitting and needs glasses

Sophie Baron


Pillow connoisseur, Elliott Smith expert, Catchphrase: “Sorry to interrupt, but look at that dog”

Keely Gwynne


Salami enthusiast, Cried while watching “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” Thought New Zealand was in Europe for 19 years

Yvonne Gonzalez


Likes to go urban exploring, Loves Weezer, Yes to sudoku and kakuro

Isabella Balbi


Banned from Bowlero, College radio shoegaze enthusiast, Team Jacob

Edie Trautwein


Knitting aficionado, Fan of the actors Joe Pesci and Nicholas Cage, Velvet!

Lilia Daniels


Chi-town bby, Dark web explorer, All the spicy food pls

Alex Miller


Printmaker, Loves 7/11 coffee, Was raised by forest critters

Kaeleb Hanrahan


Jack of all trades, master of none, Loves low/amber lighting, Believes food mainly serves as a vehicle to get hot sauce in my mouth

Mariah Mickens


Super art/music-oriented, Eats onion rings whenever possible, Will nervously laugh at anything

Cece Rice


Got leg stuck in mini sinkhole, Avid fan of the Mucinex Man, Moves worms off the sidewalk when it rains so they don’t get stepped on

Sashi Sharma


Really really really hates flat soda, Once wrote a song about tap dancing rats, Overthinks everything (including this bio)

Emma Soltani


An avid cassette collector, but lack a cassette player, Avan Jogia was one of my first celebrity crushes, Able to hold a text conversation in only GIFs from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals

Samantha Whitty


Sagittarius sun/Virgo moon, Please ask me about my love for Nancy Drew mystery computer games, Most played album of 2019 was the Riverdale soundtrack

Joe Lyon


Ideally amorphous Improviser Not a big fan of cola, but a big fan of a #COLA

Brandon Castro


I have seen over 50 plays and musicals, I enjoy orphan films, Able to do the splits