Top 3 Underrated Songs by Lana Del Rey


By Alexandra Tineo

Originally known as Lizzie Grant in the music industry, Lana Del Rey was not always ahousehold name. At the beginning of her music career, “You Can Be The Boss,” “EveryMan Gets His Wish,” “Dangerous Girl” and “Put Me In A Movie” were some of the fewsongs fans knew her by. To date, her style of music as Lizzie Grant remains the same inthe way she still sings about genuine emotion. By doing this, she has established heraudience’s expectation that they will get to hear her emotional range with every albumshe releases. Lana Del Rey has more hit songs than “Video Games” and “SummertimeSadness” although those are her classics. Her newer albums comment on the eras in herlife where she deals with relatable topics of changing as a person with age, admiringpeople, and being there for those struggling.

1. “Black Bathing Suit”

In Blue Banisters, Lana Del Rey has a way of bringing all of our pressing thoughts during the quarantine of relationships, body image, criticism, and sense of self in “Black Bathing Suit.” As Lana is a public figure she has all eyes on her meaning criticism is thrown to her left and right, mainly by online trolls. The fuss over her body circulated as images of Lana were publicized during and after quarantine. People shamed her body for not looking in a way that was redeemable for praise in a society that prioritizes a person’s appearance. As she sings, “the only thing that fits me is this black bathing suit” from the negative comments about weight gain. Implying the change in her physical image. But the verse “I wish you can see to my soul through this black bathing suit” comments on how people can not see more of a person and what their soul is comprised of. 
2. “Terrence Loves You”

In one of Lana’s well-known albums, Honeymoon, Lana sings about the vulnerable emotion of grieving someone who was present at various points in your life but abruptly left. As a means of dealing with their absence, this song remembers what is still there, such as personal interests which are pushing them forward. It is one of Lana’s slower songs, but because of the way, the lyrics are written the song can be relatable to anyone. It does not matter if the loss is short-term or long-term as they are grieving the bond built with the other person. It is important for those seeking wholeness to realize they can continue to reminisce about the person but also recognizes there are still plenty of good aspects in their life.

3. “Thunder”

Another song is in the Blue Bansiters album which was released in 2021. The person Lanadescribes is thunderous and usually destructive. The metaphor of thunder implies a person who causes destruction to everyone they encounter. Due to her knowledge of the person’s nature, she believes it’s best to leave before they enter her life, knowing that they won’t stay.


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